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Bassett Healthcare Network

Test Catalog



Includes tests performed by Mayo Medical Laboratories

If desired test(s) cannot be found on the Bassett Lab Manual, please contact Customer Service  at 607-547-3866 for further assistance.



Welcome to Bassett Healthcare Network


Bassett Healthcare Network is an integrated health care system that provides care and services to people living in an eight county region covering 5,600 square miles in upstate New York. The organization includes six corporately affiliated hospitals, as well as skilled nursing facilities, community and school-based health centers, and health partners in related fields.


Mission: Who We Are


Bassett Medical Center is an academic medical center that exists to advance the health care of rural populations through:

  • Providing excellence in the continuum of care
  • Educating physicians and other health care professionals
  • Pursuing health research

Vision: Where We're Going

  • A clinical academic campus for graduate, undergraduate, and allied health professionals
  • Attain finanical success in order to ensure achievement of our mission
  • The preferred employer in the region and a national leader in physician recruitment
  • Trust by patients for safety, quality, prevention, and community health
  • Known as patient and family-centered through accessibility and personal, individualized, evidence-based care
  • Nationally recognized for a sophisticated, integrated rural health care network
  • Nationally recognized for community health research in a rural environment
  • A culture that engages employees fosters innovation and sustains program implementation

Values: What We Believe In

  • Relationships
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Service
  • Learning
  • Integration








NYS DOH Licenses:

Location:                                                                                               PFI                   Exp.

Bassett Medical Center – Cooperstown, NY                              2253               6/30/2019

A. O. Fox Hospital - Oneonta, NY                                                  2251               6/30/2019

Cobleskill Regional Hospital - Cobleskill, NY                             2303               6/30/2019

Delhi - Delhi, NY                                                                                 L751              1/5/2019

Fox Care - Oneonta, NY                                                                   R806               4/18/2019

Fox Care Outpatient Testing Center - Oneonta, NY                8518               6/30/2019

Herkimer Laboratory - Herkimer, NY                                          4167               6/30/2019

Little Falls Hospital - Little Falls, NY                                            2057               6/30/2019

Little Falls Speciality - Little Falls, NY                                         T923                6/25/2019

O'Connor Hospital - Delhi, NY                                                       1960                6/30/2019

AO Fox- Tri-Town Campus - Sidney, NY                                      8239                6/30/2019



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