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Epic Test Code LAB242 Fungal Culture: Blood

Performing Location(s)



Culture for fungus/yeast using selective media

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Preferred Container

Wampole Isolator Tube

Alternate Container

10 mL, whole blood, green top (sodium-heparin) without gel, sent in original tube, ambient temperature, good for 72 hours

Volume Required

7.5 mL (see also Blood Culture Specimen Quantity Guidelines)

Storage Requirements

Keep specimens at room temperature

Transportation Needs

Transport to the laboratory as soon as possible. Keep at room temperature

Causes for Rejection

Mislabeled or unlabeled specimen

Isolator tubes which contain less than the required amount of sample (less than 7.5 mL) should not be processed.

An extended delay in specimen transport, which would not allow processing of the sample wihtin 16 hours from the collection time, is not acceptable

Green top > 72 hours

Days of Analysis


Additional Information


Current or recent antimicrobial therapy may adversely efect the recovery of certain pathogenic organisms.


Fungal Blood Culture Considerations


If susceptibility testing is needed, the isolate will be forwarded to a reference laboratory.

Available STAT


Reflex Testing

Organism identification and susceptibility studies are performed as appropriate, according to established protocols that have been approved by the Clinical Laboratory Director. Call Microbiology (547-3707) for details. There may be additional charges for organism identification.


Reflex Testing Data

Reference Values

Population Units Reference Range
All Populations none No Growth



See also, Blood Culture Specimen Information


Fungal Culture

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