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Tests Beginning with U 25 entries

LAB3798  Unbound Iron Binding Capacity MIB
LAB1032  Unstable Hemoglobin, Blood Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
LAB21003  Urea Nitrogen: Body Fluid MIB
LAB21003A  Urea Nitrogen: Dialysate Fluid MIB
LAB21113  Urea Nitrogen: Post BUN MIB,HLS
LAB21107  Urea Nitrogen: Pre BUN MIB,HLS
LAB140  Urea Nitrogen: Serum (BUN) MIB,HLS,CRH,LFH,OCH,FTT,FCC,FOX
LAB21025  Urea Nitrogen: Urine, 24 hour MIB
LAB748  Urea Nitrogen: Urine, Random MIB
LAB21108  Urea Nitrogen/Creatinine Ratio MIB,FOX,FTT,CRH,LFH,OCH,FXCC,HLS
LAB141  Uric Acid MIB
LAB841  Uric Acid: Urine, 24 hour MIB
LAB21038  Uric Acid: Urine, Random MIB
LAB21015  Urinalysis, Macroscopic Analysis MIB,CRH,LFH,HLS,OCH,FTT,FOX
LAB21017  Urinalysis, Microscopic Examination MIB, CRH, HLS, LFH, OCH, FTT, FOX
LAB21012  Urinalysis, Routine MIB, CRH, HLS, LFH, OCH, FTT, FOX
LAB21013  Urinalysis, Routine Hold for Possible Culture MIB,CRH,LFH,HLS,OCH,FTT,FOX
LAB21014  Urinalysis, Routine with Urine Culture if Positive MIB,CRH,LFH,HLS,OCH,FTT,FOX
LAB239  Urine Culture MIB
LAB39031  Urine Low Dose Opioid URMC
N/A  Urine Protein : Urine Creatinine Ratio MIB
LAB2106  Urogenital Culture MIB
  Urogenital Culture General Considerations Information
LAB2562  Uroporphyrinogen III Synthase (Co-Synthase) (UPG III S), Erythrocytes Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
LAB1046  UroVysion for Detection of Bladder Cancer, Urine Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester