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Decubitis Ulcer Wound Culture

Collection and Handling

Microbiology Specimen Collection Procedure

Wound and Tissue Culture Specimens

Decubitis Ulcers

Last Updated:03/15/2012



Wound/ Tissue Type

Transport device Comments

Decubitis ulcer

port-a-cul vial or eSwab

A decubitis ulcer swab provides little clinically useful information. A tissue biopsy or a needle aspirate is specimen of choice.

1. Cleanse surface with sterile saline
2. If sample biopsy is not available, vigorously swab the base of the lesion
     Note: A swab is NOT the specimen of choice (see Comments)



General Considerations


  1. An order for wound culture normally includes:
    1. An Aerobic Culture
    2. A Gram Stain if adequate specimen is submitted (2 swabs, eswabs or specimen in sterile container)
    3. An Anaerobic Culture if:
      1. a portion of specimen is submitted in an anaerobic transport container: A.C.T. II Dual, eswab or red top tube
      2. the source is appropriate