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Epic Test Code LAB21068 Dialysis 24 Hour Urine Package

Performing Location(s)



Urea Concentration, Urea Output (calculation), Creatinine Concentration, Creatinine Output (calculation)

Specimen Type

24 Hour Urine

Preferred Container

24 Hr Urine Container with No Preservative

Alternate Container

No alternate container.

Minumum Volume to Submit for Testing

Entire collection


  • Multiple test can be performed from this volume. For question please contact the lab at 547-3975.  

Storage Requirements

Keep urine refrigerated during the collection period.

Transportation Needs

Deliver specimen to the laboratory at the end of collection.

Causes for Rejection

Mislabeled or unlabeled specimen

Greater than 10% of total volume lost

Inappropriate urine preservative used

Specimen not refrigerated

Days of Analysis


Additional Information

Other Requirements:

Refer to the 24-Hour Urine Collection Instructions


Additional Information:

In addition to CPT’s 81050, 84540, and 82570 there is a charge for the urine container used for collection (CPT: 81400) 


Available STAT



Enzymatic. Dry slide chemistry

CPT Code

81050, 84540, 82570

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