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Epic Test Code LAB274 Direct Antiglobulin Test


Direct Coomb’s testing of patient’s cells using polyspecific anti-human globulin reagent. Direct Coomb’s testing of patient’s cells using Monospecific reagents (Anti-IgG and Anticomplement) when polyspecific results are positive. Eluates from monospecific anti-IgG positive cells are prepared on most patients in order to determine if an identifiable antibody specificity is involed

Specimen Type


Preferred Container

6 mL Pink (EDTA) top tube

Alternate Container

7 mL Lavendar (EDTA) top tube ; Red Top tubes (OCH and BHSC only)

Storage Requirements

PINK top tubes (MIBH specimens): Specimens from outreach centers should be kept refrigerated piror to and during shipment. Do NOT centrifuge or separate plasma from cells.

RED AND LAVENDER top tubes (BHSC and OCH specimens): Specimens collected in red top tubes must be centrifuged and the serum separated from the clot within 4 hours of collection. The serum aliquot tube must be labeled and attached to the original hand labeled red top tube using a rubber band. Store and transport refrigerated

Transportation Needs

Specimens should be sent to the laboratory promptly.

Specimens from outreach centers should be kept refrigerated prior to and during shipment.

Causes for Rejection

Specimen not hand labeled

Days of Analysis


Additional Information

Other Requirements: Specimen must be hand labeled. Refer to Labeling Policy for required information.

Available STAT


Reflex Testing

Reflex Testing Data

When the DAT is positive using polyspecific anti-human globulin, a DAT workup is performed and billed (CPT: 86880×4) using monospecific reagents (anti-IgG and anti-Complement). If the DAT workup indicates that the DAT is positive due to the anti-IgG.

An elution procedure is performed and billed (CPT’s: 86860, 86870) on the IgG positive cells to determine antibody specificity.

CPT Code


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