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Epic Test Code LAB314 Fibrinogen

Performing Location(s)



Quantitative analysis for Fibrinogen

Specimen Type

Platelet Poor Plasma

Preferred Container

Plastic blue top tube (3.2% sodium citrate)

Blood Tube Draw Volume

Min 90% draw volume 

Minimum Volume to Submit for Testing

2.7 mL Platelet Poor Plasma

Storage Requirements and Transportation Needs

If transportation to the laboratory is to be delayed for more than 1 hour:

Prepare Platelet Poor Plasma:

1. Centrifuge tube at 1500 g for 10 minutes.
2.Use a plastic transfer pipette to remove plasma (staying away from the buffy coat layer) and transfer top 2/3 of plasma to a plastic aliquot tube.
3.Centrifuge this aliquot tube at 1500 g for 10 minutes.
4.Transfer top 3/4 of plasma (do not disturb button at bottom of tube) into another plastic aliquot tube.
5. Label this tube with patient information and a PLASMA sticker.
6. Freeze plasma immediately in a -15° to -25°C freezer until ready to transport

7. Plasma must be transported to the laboratory frozen.

Causes for Rejection

Clotted specimen

Mislabeled or unlabeled specimen

Specimen collected  in any tube other than 3.2% plastic sodium citrate blue top tube.

Tube less than 90% filled.

Received > 4 hours unless separated from cells and frozen at -15 to - 25° C

Hemolysis greater than 375 mg/dL (>3+)

Whole blood or plasma samples refrigerated (2-8 degree C) or on ice.

Days of Analysis


Available STAT


Reference Values


Population Units Reference Range
All populations mg/dl 190-458



Fibrogen assay results may be affected by degradation (fibrin or fibrinogen) in the plasma assayed.


Interference from: Hemoglobin greater than 375 mg/dL
                                     Bilirubin greater than 23 mg/dL
                                     Triglycerides greater than 880 mg/dL
                                     Grossly lipemic specimens can be ultra-centrifuged
                                     Heparin greater than 2 U/mL

Therapy with direct thrombin inhibitors, eg. hirudin may contribute to diminished recovery.
Hirudin or Argatroban anticoagulation may falsely decrease fibrinogen levels.



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