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Female Urogenital Culture

Urogenital Culture

Female Genital specimens: Sites and Specimens required.

Site Specimen
Amniotic Fluid Catheter aspirate, amniocentesis fluid, swab from cesarean section
Bartholin Gland Duct aspirate in syringe or on swab
Cervix Swab of endocervical canal
Endometrium Transcervical aspirate obtained via telescoping catheter
Fallopian tubes Abscess aspirate, cuildocentesate swab obtained during pelvic surgery
Genital ulcer Dry or moistened swab of ulcer base, bubo aspirate
IUD IUD, associated secretions and pus
Urethra Discharge on swab , calcium alginate swab in absence of discharge
Vagina Discharge on swab, swab from posterior vaginal vault or vaginal orifice
Vesicle Vesicular material in syringe or on swab